Roger Daniel

Commentary, essays, critique, and analysis on a variety of subjects.

How to Fight Fair

How you argue – especially how you end an argument – can determine the long-term success or failure of your relationship. A primary requirement for

Extreme Makeover

Sometimes God forces changes we would never make on our own.

Perfect Teacher

Roger Daniel In John 2:27 we read: “As for you, the anointing which you received from Him abides in you, and you have no need

Our Ministry

The foundation of our ministry is character The nature of our ministry is service The motive of our ministry is love The measure of our

Calvin Miller on Pastoral Care

“Pastoral care is a world of unbearable pain. However high we lift our spirits in personal or public worship, it is good to remember that

The Scourge of Secularism

Roger Daniel Introduction Among the many problems plaguing the reconstruction project in Nehemiah’s day, one of the most critical is described in Nehemiah 4:10: “Thus

Jeremiah and Christmas Trees

Roger Daniel Decorating Christmas trees is a time-honored tradition in the celebration of the holiday season and a special occasion for many families. It is