Sermon Outlines

The Inspired Word of God

TEXT: 2 Tim 3:13-17 INTRODUCTION “All scripture is theopneustos – “God-breathed.” This is a statement from the Bible itself as to its origin. The sacred

The Marks of a Disciple

During the ministry of Jesus there were many who followed Him and professed to be His disciple. But when put to the test, many of

The Offense of the Cross

(Gal 5:11; 1 Cor. 1:18) To the Jews – A Stumbling Block Ignorance A suffering Messiah was foreign to Jewish thinking. To be “hanged on

The Problem with Pain

Introduction There are many types of pain: physical pain, emotional pain, and spiritual pain. Some pain is not by our choosing. We suffer from wars

The Psalm of Micah

A word of hope and instruction found in the psalm of Micah 7:7-11. Overview of Michah Micah 7:18: “Who is a God like Thee?” This

Pursuing Significance

When life is viewed through the lens of scripture, reaching your goals is not as important as having the right goals. Achieving your dreams is

The Power of Motherhood

The story of Hannah, the mother of Samuel, is a vivid portrait of the incredible power of motherhood. Motherly Instinct – Power of Priorities (1

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Matthew 28:5-9 Introduction The resurrection of Jesus is the cornerstone of the Christian faith. All that we believe, the message we preach, the hope we

Trusting God in Times of Trouble

Introduction Mark Twain: “Courage is resistance to fear; the mastery of fear; not the absence of fear.” Eddie Rickenbacker: “Courage is fear that has said