Sermon Outlines

Vital Signs

Vital signs are physical indicators that you are alive. Such as: If you’re unconscious, not breathing; have no temperature, no blood pressure, no heart rate,

When Faith Seems to Fail

Introduction In the first half of Hebrews 11 we read of the great victories and miraculous accomplishments of those who escaped. But in the second

Experiencing the Presence of God

(Luke 24:13-27; Mark 16:12) Introduction On the Emmaus Road, two disciples walked for an extended period of time with the Lord but did not experience

Elder Brother Attitudes

The Lord’s parable of the prodigal son has touched the hearts of many for generations. His inclusion of the elder brother holds at least three

Alive Through the Word

Appreciate the Virtues of God’s Word Assimilate the Vitality of God’s Word Appropriate the Values of God’s Word