Self Evaluation

  1. Read Acts 6:1-6 (note v. 3), 1 Tim. 3:1-13; Titus 1:5-9. What do these verses say to me about the standards and levels of accountability required of church leaders?
  1. Do I have a high level of awareness of my responsibility to live an exemplary life as a church leader?
  1. Do I place a high value on regular communion with God? Do I maintain a consistent prayer life?
  1. On an average, how much time do I spend each week in prayer for my personal spiritual life, my particular area of ministry responsibility, and my students?
  1. Do I give adequate time and attention to preparation? 
  1. Am I punctual? On time (early) for class? 
  1. Do I contact absentees? Call or visit students who are sick?
  1. Do I recognize my dependency upon the Holy Spirit for effective ministry? Do I seek to cultivate the “spirit-filled life”? Do I pray regularly for the Spirit’s anointing upon my area of ministry and the church in general?
  1. Am I consistent in my study of God’s Word? On an average, how much time each week do I devote to Bible study and personal devotions?
  1. Am I faithful to the biblical commandments concerning stewardship? Am I consistent in my tithing and giving?
  1. Do I seek to live a separated life for the glory of God? Is there any inconsistency in my daily living that would damage my credibility and bring reproach upon the church and the Savior?
  1. Am I faithful to the total church program? Do I demonstrate the same level of commitment to other ministries of the church that I expect of those involved in my area of ministry?