The United States of Babylon 3


The book of Daniel portrays the life of Jews living in Babylon. At the center of the story are the lives of four young Hebrews – probably teenagers when they were captured – who are conscripted into the service of Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon. In Babylon the goal was to absorb them … to co-opt them … to amalgamate them into a godless society so that God’s people would become indistinguishable from the rest of the world. Political pressure, legal extortion, and military might were used against them. That is why their story has such a powerful message for us today. Strong currents of pluralism and secularism in contemporary Western society, reinforced by a paralyzing political correctness, increasingly pushing expression of faith in God to the margins, confining it if possible, to the private sphere. We’re seeing the forceful imposition of a secular culture and anti-Christian belief system to replace traditional values that are in conflict with our nation’s first principles upon which America was built and has been sustained for hundreds of years. How do we respond? Listen on.

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The United States of Babylon 3


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